Hi, and thanks for dropping by.

The first question we get asked is “why Pharmatechnics?” – Well, that’s a piece of history. The company was set up by Steve & Denise Farmer, as a way to offer their unique skills to the world outside of their part time day jobs. Denise is a Pharmaceutical adviser, specialising in advising on the delivery of medicines optimisation in niche environments. Steve is a battle-worn Electronics Design Engineer, doing all sorts of technical stuff – so Pharmacy + Technical + Electronics = PharmaTechics (well, sort of). And, of course it was a play on their surname, which made it easy to remember.

These days, however, Denise has kept a focus on her day job and now holds a national post in the NHS. Steve quit his day job some years ago and now works solely for Pharmatechnics, which is delivering Electronic and Product Design Services almost 100% of it’s time.


We never advertise, so I guess someone told you to look us up, or you just got lucky in a web search. If the former, then welcome – and don’t forget to mention who sent you, if the latter, then we’re sorry if we don’t get around to replying to you soon – we’re very busy folks and don’t deal with the public I’m afraid (despite what the various business directory companies that constantly ring us up think!)


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